Johnstone River

Great for seeing crocodiles! Gorgeous scenery. The Johnstone River is located in the centre of Innisfail, 1 hour south of Cairns and 3 hours north of Townsville. The Johnstone is a great place to check out as the history of Innisfail was started on the Johnstone river. Large crocodiles can be found on the banks of the river and bird life found through out the river. Departs from the jetty at 402 Fitzgerald Esplanade, Innisfail.

Russel River

The Russel river is located 30 minutes south of cairns, being most suited to customers who would like to cruise along the untouched river system with rainforest coating the banks and with mangrove systems going down to the waters edge. There are many crystal clear creeks to explore that run into the Russel River. This river system is a great area to spot a range of different wildlife which include a great chance to see a wild saltwater crocodiles, bird life and marine life.