For those who have a passion for bird watching or are wildlife enthusiasts, you would certainly enjoy our Eco Tour. Explore the wonderful Johnstone River right on board. Our Boat has the capacity for 18 passengers but to make this tour more personal we have reduced the numbers to only 6 passengers. This tour operates for 2.5 hours, giving you time to appreciate the wonderful world heritage listed rain forest and the amazing wildlife. What is even better is that the tour boat is small enough to sneak into small places where our bigger boats can’t, allowing you to experience the wildlife from up close. You pick the day and depending on the tide, we will choose the best possible time for you to cruise the Johnstone River. Book your Eco Tour today!

  • 98% chance of spotting Crocodiles in the wild from 1st of May – 1st of September.
  • We choose the best tide of the day, giving you the best opportunity to spot crocodiles and other wildlife
  • This cruise operates longer than our other cruises, which means more time to spot crocodiles and other wildlife
  • The tour boat for our Eco-Tours is small, allowing us to get as close as we can to the local wildlife
  • Great for bird watchers looking to spot a wide variety of bird species
  • Private tour
  • Family owned & Operated
  • BYO Drinks & snacks
  • Only 1 Hour south of Cairns (Closer than the Daintree)
  • Only 40 Minutes from Mission Beach
  • Only 3 hours from Townsville
  • NO overcrowding Tourist
  • Come see where two World Heritage Listed Places Meet (Wet Tropic Rainforest meets the Great Barrier Reef)
  • An opportunity to walk along a private beach and hopefully spot cassowaries and other bird species (must be requested)

Chance of Spotting Crocodiles

98% chance of Spotting a Crocodiles in the wild in winter (1st of May – 1st of September). If we don’t spot a crocodiles on your tour, you are welcome to join us on other wildlife tour Free of Charge until we spot a Crocodile for you.


Private Eco Tour $350 (1 or up to 8 people on board)

Days & Times


Due to low tides being different times on different dates, we do not have set time for our Eco tours.

We pick the best time to run our Private Eco-tour giving you the best opportunity to spot Birds, Crocodiles and all wildlife found in the Johnstone river.

For more information our Private Eco Tours please email us at

Additional Information

NO complimentary drinks onboard so please BYO drinks or Snacks.

Our Eco uses our smaller vessel which is not as accessible as our bigger vessels and may be more difficult to board for some people.