Roll Up! Roll Up! The Snapping Tours shirts are now AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASING!

If you see the Snapping Tours crew walking around in a very eye-catching long sleeve shirt, well now is your chance to own your very own! The shirts are made from quality material, constructed from easy care, lightweight, polyester fabric that is cool and breathable. The design was specifically chosen to showcase the beautiful and tranquil Johnstone River and of course, we had to add the iconic salt-water crocodile and cassowary, to showcase our wonderful local wildlife. Our shirts are basically ‘green like you’ve never seen’!

Shirts vary in sizing, from S to 3XL. The price is $60 per shirt, plus $13 for postage. Order your Snapping Tours shirt, today! We thank you for your support!

Bar Mat

You can never go wrong with a wonderfully designed bar mat, featuring the wonderful Snapping Tours logo and a fantastic picture of a crocodile. The cost is $40 per bar mat, plus $15 for postage. Purchase your bar mat online, today!

Stubby Coolers

We love a good cooler to hold the drink without the hand being frozen, but what about a Snapping Tours cooler? We are selling our very own coolers, with wonderful designs that will make you want to get more! Snapping Tours stubby coolers cost $8, plus $14 for postage. Keep you drink looking ‘beaut’ with a Snapping Tours cooler.

Crocodile Jerky

If you love the taste of jerky and need some now, well you have come to the right place. We will be selling locally crafted jerky from Ripsaw Jerky, who have provided us with different flavours of jerky to fancy your taste. Right here in Innisfail, on Snapping Tours, is where you can purchase the jerky. We thank Ripsaw Jerky for providing us with delicious jerky and below is a little description of the different flavours for you to choose from:

Lemon Pepper – Made with Lemon Thyme and Aussie Black Pepper sourced locally from a Pepper Farm located at Silkwood in Far North Queensland. This Pepper has a very sharp aromatic flavour and combines brilliantly with the subtle lemony tang of the Thyme.

Teriyaki – Get back to your Neanderthal roots and savour the flesh of the dinosaur with Aussie saltwater crocodile jerky, marinated in delicious teriyaki for a modern twist on a Jurassic classic. A sweet and salty combination that will leave your mouth watering for more.

Bush Plum- A Marinated & Smoked Crocodile Jerky that has a fruity flavour with a slight tang. What really makes this Jerky sing is the smoking, it really enhances the taste. The main ingredient in this very tasty Jerky is the locally grown Rainforest Bush Plum (Davidson Plum) sourced from a farm just down the road. This awesome style of Jerky is totally unique to Ripsaw Jerky..


Shirts: $60 + Postage

Bar Mats: $40 + Postage

Stubby Coolers: $8 + Postage

Crocodile Jerky $12 + Postage