There is simply no better option than to come on board Snapping Tours and experience the famous world heritage listed wet tropics and the Great Green Way. Our locally owned and family operated business have generations of local knowledge and have taken interest in learning about the history of the Innisfail area and the surrounding rivers, rainforests, flora and fauna. We happily pass on our knowledge to our friendly customers.

This leisurely cruise takes you along the beautiful calm waters of the Johnstone River, where our guides take you for a closer look at the mangroves and wildlife, such as snakes or birds, that live on the banks of the river. You will also experience a close up of the abundant river life such as fish, turtles or even the chance of spotting a cassowary. We have a very keen eye however for spotting our fellow crocodile friends in their natural habitat. They will either be lurking beneath the waters or sunning themselves on the sandbanks. Either way, it is a spectacular sight! These animals are all unique to the wet tropics and can be mostly spotted all year round. The best chance for spotting wild salt water crocodiles in their natural habitat is during low tide, in the mornings and from May to September. Feel free to contact us to find out more information regarding the prime time to spot crocodiles.

Whether it is for an enjoyable day out or a special occasion, our cruises can be tailored to suit the needs of all our customers or groups. This unique cruising experience on the tranquil waters of the Johnstone River awaits you!

Johnstone River Cruises

Tour the beautiful Johnstone River with us! Snapping Tours offers small group tours and unique experiences along the calm waters of the Johnstone River. Our tours give you the opportunity to experience the wet tropics, as well as life on the land and beneath the water. Our experienced crew members have excellent knowledge of the biodiversity and history of the local area and a rather keen eye for spotting crocodiles and other wildlife. There is also the extra attraction of walking along a secluded beach and catching live mud crabs, with crab pot checking a regular must do on board Snapping Tours.  

Sunset Cruise

A perfect way to end your day. Come on board our 5:30pm tour and enjoy the breathtaking scenery our beautiful Johnstone River has to offer upon nightfall. This 2.5-hour sunset cruise provides opportunities for our customers to take part in spotting wild salt water crocodiles and other nocturnal wildlife that live beneath and along the banks of the Johnstone River. Night time is prime time for crocodiles to begin hunting, so this tour is not to be missed for those interested in seeing and listening to how crocodiles hunt in their natural habitat. Experiencing wild caught mud crabs and guided walks along a secluded beach is also on the agenda. During our boat cruise, our tour guides will check crab pots in the hope of seeing wild caught mud crabs, together with explaining their general features and their habitat. These mud crab’s claws are very powerful and customers can see just how powerful their claws are through a live demonstration. Take a walk along a secluded beach located in a world heritage area comprising of the wet tropics and cassowary habitat. Our guides take you for a guided walk along the beach, with a chance of spotting cassowaries and other wild bird species. During the tour, food will be provided. There is a choice of a seafood platter and fish chips is also on the menu. Our food is provided by the lovely people at Innisfail Seafood. We thank them for their catering options and service! (Please note that you must book for the seafood platters and the fish and chips either through Snapping Tours Sunset Tours and Dinner Cruises or you can contact us via phone or email). This tour is highly recommended from September to May.

  • Two-hour cruise
  • Small Personalized Tours
  • Wild Salt Water Crocodiles in their Natural Habitat
  • World Heritage Listed Rain forest over 150 Million years old
  • Wild Caught Mud Crabs
  • Family owned & Operated
  • Drinks and snacks with your choice of beer, wine,
    soft drink, or water
  • Only 1 Hour south of Cairns (Closer than the Daintree)
  • NO overcrowding Tourist
  • Come see where two World Heritage Listed Places Meet (Wet Tropic Rainforest meets the Great Barrier Reef)
  • We went on the tour not expecting what we got.. and what we got was way more than what we paid for! The most informative tour guide- years of local knowledge yet laid back,warm and inviting, beverages on arrival and so many crocs in their native habitat! We literally got right up close and personal only metres away! It was seriously the most exhilarating experience and the best tour yet! Thanks guys so much! - a must do and worth every minute of the drive from Palm cove 10/10!

    EMMIE Dos santos
  • Thank you so much to you both for a fantastic and informative trip. Not only did we learn about the crocodiles, we learnt about the history of innisfail and all the happenings in the area as well as seeing a massive crab in action. The guys had a crest understanding of where a lot of the crocodiles would be and we were not disapppinted.

    Toni Pryn
  • We did the tour today and it was great. We expected to see maybe 2 crocodiles but we saw 5 and we were very close to a big one. The crew (father and son) did a fabulous job. They are very friendly, know the best places and gave us a lot of information about the crocs, the river and the area. We had the chance to chew some sugar cane and had a lot of fun on the whole trip. They provided us cold drinks (beer, wine and soft drinks), chips and cheese&cracker which was also great. For people who want to see crocodiles in their natural habitat and not in the zoo or in a show we totally recommend this tour. Thank you again. Vielen Dank

    Isabel & Patrick
  • Very personalised, small group good boat. Vince (host) and Brenton (skipper/spotter) historical knowledge and passion were spot on. $40 Adults, $20 Kids bargain with drinks and cheese and crackers, Yum. Not too long, 2 hr trip - we ate sugar cane and got up close to a 4.5 meter croc sunning himself on an overcast day on the river bank, so we didn't really expect to see much at all. What at treat! These crocs are not fed by the tour group, instead this is very raw in the wild crocs... I would'nt want to fall in,,, yikes, they were huge!!! A must if you're in Innisfail... Great for kids and the Asian tourists would love it! Highly recommend.